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The ERAM Group

The ERAM Group was founded in the mid-1985s, it is one of the leading business alliances which has entrenched business presence across the continents. Eram Group has its global headquarters in AL Khobar (Saudi Arabia).

Eram Group has now grown to over 40 well-managed companies with strategic locations in Asia, Europe and North America. The Group has a highly specialized infrastructure and enviable talent house conducting viable business activities in the vibrant global market. Eram is a well capitalized and a personally held business enterprise led by a strong management team.

Today Eram Group is managing a number of leading businesses in Industrial Contracting, Project Management and Quality Control Solutions, Automotive, Healthcare, Travel, IT, Manufacturing, Trading & Product Representation, R&D, Training & Certification and other service sectors.

We have well built recruitment centers all over India and internationally to recruit varied skill sets for our clients i.e. Oil & Gas Petrochemical industries, Automobile, Vertical Transportation, Project, Quality and Safety Management solutions, Medical, Manufacturing, Construction, Hotels industries and Travel & Tourism Industries across the world.

Eram technologies is a new venture of Eram Group to train and place the youth in India and abroad to cater the never ending demand of skilled workers in the job market and to wipe out the unemployment from the country. Eram Skills Academy is a non funded partner of NSDC.

With a vision of providing skilled based on training the youth and help them to start a career in industries in India and abroad, Eram Technologies has started the following ventures:

ESPOIR Academy

Espoir Academy is a skill training center in association with KASE. Espoir Academy provides training in oil and gas sector, health care sectors

ERAM Skills Academy – Kunnumkulam

In association with ASAP


with ERAM Skills Academy

At ERAM Skills Academy, we believe in the transformative power of skill based education. Whether you want to learn new skills, earn a diploma, get job training or advance in a career, we can help you achieve your goals.

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